The Youth Conservation Corps

BRCA Youth Conservation Corps Program

The Conservation Corps’s mission is to reduce sources of pollution in our lakes through the installation of erosion control-projects known as BMP’s (best management practices). Founded in 1996, this self-sustaining summer program has completed more than 1400 bmp’s on all seven Belgrade Lakes in the watershed. Each summer a project director and field supervisor oversee two full-time crews of high school students and crew leaders.

The YCC is seeking candidate sites for its work on an ongoing basis.  Our YCC Director is available for on-site consultations about how your property may be affecting water quality in our lakes. Labor will be provided free of charge; landowners will pay for materials and any permit fees. If you know of an eroding site that needs stabilizing, let us know. Call us at 207-495-6039 or fill out a site assessment form (PDF*).

Full List of Best Management Practices

Rain/Buffer Gardens

Armored Shorelines/Rip-Rap

Armored Ditches



Erosion Control Mulch

Infiltration Steps

Infiltration Trenches

Rubber Razors

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