Milfoil Programs

The 7 Lakes Alliance/BRCA Milfoil Committee was formed in 2002 in order to coordinate invasive plant prevention efforts throughout the Belgrade Lakes. This collaboration between the five lake associations (East Pond Association, North Pond Association, Friends of Messalonskee Lake, McGrath Pond-Salmon Lake Association, and the Belgrade Lakes Association [Great and Long Ponds]) has placed Courtesy Boat Inspectors (CBIs) at all the Public Boat Launches in the region.

The 7 Lakes Alliance/BRCA is incorporating a variety of techniques to fight against the spread of milfoil within the Belgrade Lakes watershed. In addition to employing and stationing about 25 Certified Boat Inspectors (CBI’s) at our public boat launches every year the 7 Lakes Alliance/BRCA has created a new milfoil remediation team in 2011 that will be identifying, marking, and removing milfoil. Surveys from 2011 to present have been done in the North Bay area of Great Pond as well as in the Great Meadow Stream. The milfoil team worked hard to manually pull the milfoil as well as create and place benthic barriers over larger sized patches.
What are we going to do with all this milfoil? COMPOST

Other strategies we are using in the fight against milfoil include holding Invasive Plant Patrols (IPP’s) as well as hosting educational events.

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Courtesy Boat Inspection Program (CBI Program)

CBI VolunteerSome of the Courtesy Boat Inspectors are paid employees — covering critical times at the ramps; others are dedicated volunteers who fill in those times that cannot be covered by paid staff (due to a lack of resources). In 2011, the BRCA Milfoil Committee’s Courtesy Boat Inspectors conducted over 11,000 inspections. They have prevented both Variable-leaf Milfoil and Eurasian Milfoil from entering our un-infested lakes.

Courtesy Boat Inspectors: Click here for ramp coverage and scheduling information.

Invasive Plant Surveys

The Milfoil Committee also coordinates plant surveys at the ramps. Using kayakers and scuba-divers, these areas are thoroughly searched for any sign of invasive plants. The intent being to head off an infestation before it can begin. There is training available at no cost for volunteers. For more information please contact the 7 Lakes Alliance/BRCA office at (207) 495-6039.
PHOTO (Above): IPP volunteer looking for invasive plants.